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Nabil Bank Launches Lifetime Free Credit Card Facility

Nabil Bank Limited has launched its new and free credit facility “Nabil Lifetime Free Credit Card”. It is the first time a bank has brought a lifetime credit card service to Nepal.

The bank has said that like on any other card, holders of this card won’t be charged annual charges, renewal charges, and other extra charges.

The card can be used to buy products, pay bills, and withdraw cash.

The bank’s Chief of Retail Lending Unit Chandani Shrestha said that the free credit card will facilitate a cheaper and more convenient service for the customers.

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Nabil Lifetime Free Credit Card can be used for services at affordable rates

 “We are excited to start the Nabil Lifetime Free Credit Card facility. It will provide our customers with affordable and more feasible service than earlier,” she said.

New and existing bank customers can apply to get the Nabil Lifetime Free Credit Card. The application can be submitted via the bank’s mobile banking app nBank, at any branch of the bank or on its official portal. The bank has 256 branches all over the country.

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The offer is valid till Baisakh 31st, 2080.

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