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The driving license renewal date is to be extended to 10 years

Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala has said that the government is working on extending the driving license validity up to 10 years. He said that the 5 years renewal was not convenient to the public and that’s why it has been decided to increase the expiry date of the license.

In a parliament meeting on April 25, minister Jwala said that renewing the license every five years is rather too early. He added that it creates difficulty in printing smart cards being another reason for the move.

Driving license renewal in ten years

“In terms of license renewal, as the arrangement for renewing the license in five years is faster and a bit more complicated, we have legally advanced the process of renewing it in 10 years,” MP Jwala said in the meeting, “now it is not in five years, it has to be renewed in 10 years and so on.” We also believe that this provision will ease off the pressure of printing new smart cards every five years.”

He also insisted that the government is working on new ways to minimize the duration people have to wait to get their license.

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Embossed number plate in three languages!

While speaking, he also shared that embossed number plates can be used in only Nepali, Nepali, and English or in a combination of the three. Earlier, people protested the decision for the solo use of English and called for the use of the Nepali language on embossed number plates.

He said that the government is working on the fast track to alleviate the registration issue of Nepal-made motorbikes and ease the situation for the Yatri bikes.

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