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An early landslide warning system installed in Dolakha to alert with an alarm

An early landslide warning system has been installed in Bhimeshwor Municipality, ward no. 7 of Dolakha. The system will help pre-inform of the natural disaster with an alarm which will be helpful in minimizing human/animal casualties and impact on properties as well.

A rain gauge device which is also equipped with the device to measure soil moisture has been put to work in Singramgaaun, a landslide-prone area lying to the north in the Bhimeshwor Municipality landslide-prone areas, Gorkhapatra reports.

As per the ward chairman Binod Tamang, Charnawati and nearby areas bear the highest rainfall in the municipality. The possible landslide occurrences have made it difficult to continue the Lamosanghu-Jiri road construction projects. The road stretches 110 kilometers and remains a key milestone for inter-district transport. It’s mentioned that landslides have been successfully averted with the help of a large sum of money. Also read: CAAN Installing Weather Cameras to Minimize Flight Mishaps

Currently, the area is seeing the construction of a two-lane road without cutting the hills’ walls from Ghattekhola to Charnawati River. The locals living in Singramgau say that they have been suffering from landslides for years. However, with the installation of the early landslide warning system equipped with an alarm, they expect to reduce the loss of property and also save their lives.

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