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SmartQR merchants can get real-time QR payment notifications on a LED board

SmartQR merchants can now get real-time QR payment notifications on an LED board. Smart Choice Technologies has begun the implementation of this technology in collaboration with Pathibhara Sensor Solution which confirms QR payment instantly and rids users and merchants of having to wait for an SMS or notification on a phone.

Especially, QR transaction notices come late or won’t arrive at all due to network disconnection, poor coverage, or system faults at times. This creates an obstacle for merchants to ensure the digital transition and a wait is inconvenient for both the merchants and users. But thanks to the LED board system, this solution will bring much-needed relief to the users within the SmartQR network.

The technology follows recent development in QR payment. Recently, Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited has started a voice box feature to notify about QR transactions. Similarly, NIC Asia Bank has begun a smart audio alert device to serve the same purpose. SCT’s solution belongs to the same fintech developments that facilitate instant QR transaction notification.

SmartQR payment gets an LED screen for a payment notification

SmartQR merchants can easily see successful QR payment transactions on an LED screen. Besides, implementing this infrastructure is also not too complex. Merchants can simply configure the screen with SCT’s mobile application to start using the service.

Merchants who have joined the SmartQR network can use the LED notification service with mobile banking applications and digital wallets. The app also lets users increase the brightness of the screen. The company said that the number of payments can be seen on the LED screen which makes it more convenient to use at places that are usually crowded and get noisy with customers. Also read: Rastriya Banijya Bank to Provide SCT UPI Debit Card Service

Merchants seeking to get the LED screen for QR payment notifications can apply at SmartQR-member banks or digital wallets.

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