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Softwarica College concludes Tech-Ex 2023 with awards, cash prize

Softwarica College has successfully hosted its “Tech-Ex 2023” exhibition which also saw the distribution of awards and cash prizes. The event which run 4 days from July 27th – 30th ended grandly attracting 10,000 attendees at the college premises in Dillibazar, Kathmandu.

The visitors to the Softwarica exhibition included politicians, celebrities, influencers, and the public. Communication Minister Rekha Sharma inaugurated the grand tech fair which is one of the most popular tech shows in Nepal.

Among the technologies on display at Tech-Ex 2023, “IoT Expo” was one of the highlights. This design by the host Softwarica College showcased their prodigious projects. Over 4 days, the event saw over 30 unique innovations from tech enthusiasts which implemented advanced tech knowledge and skills of the brilliant young minds at the prestigious educational institution.

In the meantime, the “Robo War” was a show steal at the exhibition where participants competed for supremacy in the robotics arena. This battle reached its climax on the very first day drawing awe from the audience. Team “Viper Strike” came out victorious thanks to their exceptional focus, strategic brilliance, and prowess. Cazador seized the second position.

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Softwarica College tech exhibition rewards winners with cash prizes

The awards also provided cash prizes to the winners. Viper Strike received Rs 75,000 for their standout performance while the runner-up Cazador earned home Rs 25,000. The teams received their rewards for their dedication and innovative minds.

The “Smart Technology” exhibition indeed provided an exceptional platform for students to demonstrate their passion for technology and its potential. The event Tech-Ex 2023 witnessed remarkably crucial software applications, to the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Softwarica believes that the Tech-Ex 2023 proved to be a true testament to the bright future Nepal possesses in the ICT field.

Softwarica College organizes exhibitions regularly to reinforce its students’ academic and extra-curricular zeal. The Tech Expo remains a remarkable testament to the college’s excellent and innovative learning.  

On the occasion, Softwarica College has extended its heartiest gratitude to the students, attendees, sponsors, participants, and supporters. The institution believes that the growing IT manpower and the positive impact on the community are proof of innovation and progress.

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