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Viral TikTok Badal Barsa Bijuli trending in India

After taking over the internet in Nepal, the viral TikTok video Badal Barsa Bijuli is trending in India as well. The video has popular Nepali TikTokers Prisma and Princy @twiny__girls grooving to the Nepali film song Badal Barsa Bijuli wearing a sari. It has become a rage in the internet space in the last few weeks. The song has the vocals of Aanand Karki and Prashna Shakya.

Prisma and Princy released the now-viral TikTok video on May 26. At the time of writing this post, it has amassed 11.9 million views, over 695K likes, and around 3 thousand comments. Social media has gone abuzz with this song with many users, influencers, and celebs replicating the twin’s moves to this number.

Badal Barsa Bijuli viral in India too!

The craze though has found another space too. Apparently, the video struck a chord with Indian TikTokers as well. Many Indians can be seen creating their own version, or a parody take on the song on the short video-sharing platform.

So much so that Indian media have been compelled to give a space on news related to the song. Recently, Hindustan Times, a leading Indian news portal wrote a post on how another Indian duo on Instagram went viral who danced to the same song. Some of India’s news TV channels have also afforded space to talk about this song.

From youngsters to adults, the song has enchanted everyone since the video was released on TikTok. And you can find many compilations now on YouTube as well as that’s what happens with most viral songs these days.

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Who started Badal Barsa Bijuli trend?

The popular Badal Barsa Bijuli TikTok trend was started by Prisma and Princy, the two popular Nepali twins with their video on the titular song on TikTok.

Who are Prisma and princy?

Prisma Khatiwada and Princy Khatiwada are popular TikTok and Instagram figures who rose to fame with their acts on social media. They were born on 27 December 1998 in Kathmandu. Besides social media gigs, both influencers are now for their fashion blogs, actings, and modeling too.

On their TikTok account, so far, the famous twins have earned 7.4 million followers and over 100 million total likes on their videos on TikTok.

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