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The Government Allows Labor Approval Online

People going abroad through employment agencies (manpower) can now get their labor approval online. The Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) which operates under the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security (MoLESS) has made arrangements that will grant the public online labor approval.

The new provision begins from Baisakh 2nd.

This digital shift will allow people to get their labor approval processed online even when they are going through institutional means. That means, they do not have to be physically present at concerned agencies or offices.

Public services are turning online in post-Covid-19 Nepal and the DoFE has become another government entity to offer an online service. This will be time and cost-efficient for thousands of Nepalese as they do not have to travel for approval at the Department.  Also read: Gandaki Transport Office Making its Services Digital

Labor Approval Online From Baisakh 2nd

Before this, online service was limited only to those who went abroad through personal means. The online system was also provided to those who wanted to renew their labor permit. But now, also those who went through registered manpower agencies would be able to acquire benefits of the online system. They can get the labor approval online.

The DoFE says that to process labor approval online, a concerned institution (manpower) must submit an application for a pre-labor permit and the final labor permit three working days before.

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The department has been gradually shifting its services online. Since last year it had been offering both online and offline (in physical presence) till Poush, 2078.  But since Magh, labor permit renewal or personal labor permit was made available through the online system.

Are you in line to get the benefit by getting your labor approval online? How convenient is this for you and others seeking their approvals? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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