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Khalti offers Rs. 200 Bonus While Receiving Money From 70 Countries

Khalti offers Rs. 200 bonus while receiving money from 70 countries. The offer arrives after Nepal’s prominent digital wallet, Khalti, joins hands with WorldRemit. It allows Khalti users to receive money from 70 different countries.

With Khalti’s partnership with cross-border payment company WorldRemit, its users can receive money directly into their Khalti apps from 70 different countries. In addition, they can receive unlimited amounts of money 24/7 from their family and friends abroad. Upon receiving money, Khalti users will be entitled to up to Rs. 200 in bonus.

When the transaction completes, users can see the received amount and bonus amount in their recent transaction history inside the Transactions section. However, Khalti has mandated that its users must verify the Khalti KYC before they can receive money from the WorldRemit app abroad. The form fill-up is a basic affair that only takes about 2 minutes.

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Safe, Convenient, And Affordable Transfer

Speaking about the agreement, Khalti Digital Wallet’s Head of Remittance Department, Mr. Saurav Raj Pandey shared:

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ demands with a best-in-class value proposition in this digital platform. Joining hands with a leading money transfer company, World Remit & providing fast and secure payment options for customers to seamlessly send money across borders by going online or using a mobile device will help businesses and individuals prosper through the safe, convenient, and affordable transfer of funds by providing fast and reliable service at a great value”.

“This partnership ensures that customers can continue to conveniently make money transfers to their family and friends from the comfort of their homes. We are pleased to partner with Khalti, a company that shares our values of promoting financial inclusion through widening access to financial services for underrepresented communities. We are confident that making it easier to transfer money to Nepal will give our customers more flexibility and options when receiving support from loved ones abroad.” said Ruzan Ahamed, Country Director for South Asia at WorldRemit.

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Steps To Transfer Money from WorldRemit

  • Go inside the WorldRemit app
  • Tap on Send Money
  • Choose Nepal as the destination
  • Enter the amount of money you want to transfer
  • Select Khalti inside Mobile Money Transfer with recipient’s details
  • Now send.
  • Now your transfer is complete.

A huge number of Nepalese live abroad for studies, and employment. Money transfer is a recurrent behavior for them. Gradually, Nepali e-wallets have added cross-border payment features to facilitate their customers receive money from abroad.

Khalti and WorldRemit’s collaboration will help thousands of Nepalese abroad to transfer money to their dear and near ones directly into their Khalti accounts.

Are you going to benefit from this initiative of Khatli and WorldRemit? Let us know in the comments below.

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