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Embossed Number Plates Mandatory From Shrawan 1

The government is making embossed number plates mandatory from Shrawan 1. The policy has drawn strong criticism from transport entrepreneurs, but the government is firm on upholding its plan.

The Department of Transport Management has said the new ruling applies to both two and four-wheelers and everyone must conform to it. After Shrawan 1, the newly arriving vehicles will get embossed number plates by default. Meanwhile, the owners of existing vehicles must replace their old number plates with the embossed number plates before they could renew or register their vehicles.

“Embossed numbers plates is made mandatory from the next fiscal year with the objective of making transport management scientific and systematic”, said, Director General at DoTM, Namaraj Ghimire.

“The decision to implement embossed number plates policy has followed multiple discussions with all parties concerned. Initially, the idea was to launch the plan in January but took a delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, from the beginning of the next month, the policy will be implemented to full effect”, added Ghimire.

The talk of embossed number plates is has circulated in Nepal for years. But, due to the lack of strict regulation, the government’s own complacency, and general consensus among the vehicle owners, the initiative never took off. This is why catching vehicles with an embossed number plate on them is a sight. However, the government has hardened its stance this time and might follow rigorously to effect. But not everybody is happy with the plan.

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FNNTE Criticizes The ‘Forced Plan’

The government’s mandatory embossed number plate policy has received flak from the Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs. It has criticized the forced plan branding it a thinly veiled tactic to collect revenues when the entire transport industry is shut down due to COVID-19 measures.

Citing the high cost of embossed number plates, they dubbed it impractical as the vehicles have been off the road for months. The cost of the regular number plates might come as low as Rs. 100 but it is minimal compared to advanced embossed number plates.

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How Will Embossed Number Plate Cost?

The depart has set different charges on vehicles depending upon their size. For an embossed number plate on two-wheelers, it will charge Rs. 2,500. Three-wheelers like tempo would incur Rs. 2,900. The cost of light four-wheelers that includes a car, van, or jeep would cost Rs. 3,200. Meanwhile, the highest amount Rs. 3,600 is assigned for heavy vehicles such as trucks or busses.

1Two-wheelersRs. 2,500
2Three-wheelersRs. 2,900
3Light four-wheelersRs. 3,200
4Heavy four-wheelersRs. 3,600
Charges for embossed number plates

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What Are The Pros?

Embossed number plate comes with a host of merits over the regular ones. From anti-theft to general vehicle tracking, it brings a lot of possibilities that will help both the DoTM and the vehicle owners. The plate is connected to an RFID and contains the information of the vehicle. The authority can look up to them when needed for investigation or minor inspection.

Besides, the embossed number plate will be handy for anti-theft measures. If someone steals a vehicle, they will be easily tracked due to the chip on it. The plate can’t be detached either, so the culprit will have to cut it off. The authorities believe this will greatly help in discouraging vehicle thefts.

Overall, Embossed number plates will bring systematic management of vehicles records in the country. From tracking the vehicles to minimizing theft, the advanced number plates will bring a host of advantages to all; the vehicles owners and the authorities alike.

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Despite criticism from Transport Entrepreneurs, the DoTM has already begun installing embossed number plates in the Gagmati province and mobilized the personnel to other provinces to kickstart the task.

What is your reservation about the mandatory embossed number plate policy from the government of Nepal? Let us know in the comments below.

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