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LeoSquad Is Launched To Transform Your Virtual Workspace

LeoSquad is launched (on June 19) to revolutionize your work-from-home experience. Learn more about this next-level virtual workspace below.

Gone are the days, you would set up an office buy assets, assemble a close to each other and discuss your project. LeoSquad is here to replace your physical office with a virtual dashboard that brings to you the most advanced work-from-home tool.

Aimed for entrepreneurs, LeoSquad incorporates all the necessary features from existing virtual apps and sites and tailors you to the most effective solution for online work. The recently launched product is an ISO/IEC 17788: 2014 certified virtual workspace developed by Analogue Inc. An economic yet full functioning choice for optimal online assignments that fulfill all the criteria of a complete virtual medium. As an employer, you can access and assess your employee’s work progress online and guide your business without requiring a physical office.

Cut Down On Overhead Costs

Self-employment has grown tremendously in Nepal but their success rate has been too narrow. Entrepreneurs begin their startup with limited capital but their company falters due to the lack of capital and the increasing economic burden right at the beginning. Setting up an office, furniture, other physical assets puts a financial strain on the young aspirants and when it intensifies, they call it quits. This is where LeoSquad fits in to lift a burden.

With LeoSquad, you can cut down on your overhead costs and run your enterprise online. With the virtual medium in place, there is no need for a large office on rent, travel, and other utility bills. You can start your work online, set up meetings, and close the deals virtually.

LeoSquad replaces the physical office with a virtual dashboard where you discover departments, people, assignments, customers, etc. This enables entrepreneurs to review, evaluate employees’ progress, guide them, and curate products and services online.

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Make Your Workspace Productive

LeoSquad is designed to help you run your business online comfortably from home. The entrepreneurs and their hard-working employees can work concurrently sitting right at their residences. Taking into account COVID-19 lockdowns and how it has transpired a work-from-home culture, LeoSquad will further proliferate the online-based enterprise in Nepal.

Analogue Inc. developed LeoSquad with a vision to render work productive, and efficient, and forward entrepreneurship growth in Nepal. It presents a full-fledged online platform that combines virtually all the necessary features that constitute a perfect virtual workspace. It integrates all the communication tools, features, and services that are found in existing video-conferencing apps and other such sites. From virtual signatures to zoom calls LeoSquad is capable of being your reliable workspace round the clock. Add to that, you do not need to be a tech geek to get around on LeoSquad. It comes with a very user-friendly UI and setups making it easy for you to start off right away.

LeoSquad is available on the market. Now, grab your copy of this next-gen virtual workspace and realize the transformation of your work-from-home trend. Analogue Inc. is giving a 20% discount to their first 100 customers.

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