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Jyoti Bikas Bank brings cardless ATM withdrawal service | Learn how to

Jyoti Bikas Bank has introduced a cardless ATM withdrawal service for its customers. With a commitment to enhancing digital banking services, the bank launched this new innovative service.

To withdraw money without an ATM card, users have to use either mobile banking app or a web browser. When initiative, the bank sends an OTP which has to be entered at the machine to dispense the cash. It is convenient and secure and very useful when one is out without an ATM card.

The service is available through Jyoti Bikas Bank’s app Jyoti Smart and its website.

Cardless ATM withdrawal at Jyoti Bikas Bank

You can withdraw money from any Jyoti Bikas Bank without an ATM card across the country. The bank has stationed 75 ATMs in total all over Nepal and the feature is available from all of them. Just keep in mind that you will need an active internet connection to avail of this advanced digital banking service.

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How to withdraw money without an ATM card from Jyoti Bikas Bank?

Here are the steps to withdraw money without an ATM card at Jyoti Bikas Bank:

  • Launch Jyoti Smart mobile banking app.
  • Tap on the “Payment” icon.
  • Tap on the “Cardless Withdraw” icon and enter details.
  • Now visit an ATM outlet and select “Cardless transaction”.
  • Enter your mobile number, and withdrawal amount to complete your cardless ATM transaction.

The bank has requested users to keep their password, PIN, OTP code, and other vital details secret to avoid possible fraud as the use of digital banking is growing so is scams.

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