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Global IME Bank Begins Video KYC (Mikha) Service

  • Global IME Bank Begins Video KYC service (Mikha) in collaboration with Digital Network Solution
  • The service enhances its GIBL Live Banking segment
  • Customers can update their KYC form online with a video for verification

Global IME Bank has launched a Video KYC system. The digital system is the result of the collaboration between the bank with Digital Network Solution Pvt. Ltd. The bank has called it Mikha and is part of its GIBL Live Banking service.

Both organizations will implement and maintain the unique electronic (Know Your Customers) KYC system for their customers.  

Both the companies reached an agreement on Thursday, April 28th. Deputy General Manager Kalyan Bikram Pandey, GIME Bank, and Arun Khatri, CEO of Digital Network signed the agreement papers to ratify the deal.

With this, Global IME Bank’s customers will be able to update their KYC online. The bank expects the service to profoundly benefit its customers. The bank keeps launching newer and innovative services to serve its customers efficiently.

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The bank has aimed at promoting financial inclusivity by extending its services nationwide. So far, Global IME Bank has expanded its services across 76 districts with 288 branches, 259 ATMs, and 275 branchless banking services. 51 extensions and revenue collection counters, and 3 foreign representative offices. In total, the bank has 870 service centers around the country and serves over 28 lakh customers.

The bank has equally been helpful for remittance services. It has facilitated Nepalese in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arab, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, India, Jordan, Hong Kong, etc. to send remittances to Nepal aiding Nepal’s economy.

Video KYC is a growing trend in Nepal. Previously, Nabil Bank and NMB Bank have already launched the electronic KYC service. With Global IME also joining the same page, more banks are likely to follow too. Digital banking is on the rise and banks are tempted to render their services digital which in turn has played a key role in e-banking post-Covid-19 in Nepal. VKYC is one of the features sweeping through Nepali BFIs.

Are you eager to update yourself with Video KYC at Global IME Bank? Do share what you think about this feature in the comments below.

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