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Foodmandu marks its 13th anniversary, announces incredible discounts

Foodmandu has celebrated its 13th anniversary on Saturday, November 11, 2023. The company has announced incredible discount offers for its customers to mark this occasion.

Foodmandu is Nepal’s largest online food delivery platform providing services via its mobile phone apps. Since its inception in 2010, the brand has evolved into becoming smartphone users’ favorite app for ordering food from home. The app lets users order their favorite foods from their preferred restaurants to their doorstep through the Foodmandu mobile app.

Speaking on the occasion of its 13th anniversary, Manohar Adhikari, founder and managing director of Foodmandu, said that the company was started to facilitate food delivery, and mentioned that the company is committed to delivering delicious food to customers at home and providing high-quality service.

Likewise, Shyam Ratna Mali, the company’s marketing and brand chief shared that Foodmandu has entered its first year of adolescence. Foodmandu is available on Android and iOS smartphones.

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Foodmandu 13th anniversary discount offers

As Foodmandu marks its 13th anniversary, the company has announced some incredible offers on food orders. If you order a “combo,” you get up to 51% discount and buy one, get one free. Additionally, there are flat discounts of up to 25% available on orders from various restaurants.

Foodmandu started food delivery service in Kathmandu at first and now, it’s also available in Pokhara. The company has grown incrementally in the last 13 years and is entering 14 years into service. The company initially began service with 10 restaurants aboard and now, that’s increased to 1,400. Also read: Team Ventures sells its stake in Foodmandu, getting twice in returns for its investment

The company has over 250 full-time riders and the app has been downloaded over 5 lakh times.

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