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Foodmandu removes the minimum Rs 500 order, delivery costs slashed too

Nepal’s leading online food delivery platform Foodmandu has removed its minimum order of Rs 500 paving the way for customers to order as per their appetite. At the same time, the company has also slashed charges for delivery within short distances.

Prior to this, customers had to pay a mandatory extra Rs 50 while ordering food worth below Rs 500. Likewise, the company has set Rs 25 as its delivery charges for up to 1 km of distance. Afterward, customers will be charged Rs 25 per kilometer.

At the same time, the company has set Rs 75 as its maximum charge for delivery of food worth over Rs 1,000. That is irrespective of the distance to be covered for delivery, the company won’t charge over Rs 75 under any circumstance.

now you can order for food below worth rs 500 on foodmandu with the maximum charge for delivery of worth 1,000 and plus is rs 75

Foodmandu said that its new delivery charge policies were introduced after taking into account the suggestions and feedback from its customers.

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The decision is taken as per customers’ feedback and suggestions

Speaking about the new policies, Foodmandu Founder and Managing Director Manohar Adhikari said, “We have phased out the minimum order requirement of 500. We have also made some changes in our delivery charges which will benefit our customers. We have taken this step by prioritizing the suggestions and feedback of the consumers who have supported and loved us to date. We hope that this decision will provide better service to our customers. Check out: Top 10 Online Marketplaces in Nepal

Foodmandu is Nepal’s top food delivery company providing service through its digital platforms. The company was launched in 2010 and having started off in Kathmandu, its service has now expanded to Pokhara. At the moment, the company services over 4 lakh customers through over 800 restaurants in the two prominent cities.

Foodmandu has investments from leading firms Dolma Impact Fund, Team Ventures, and True North Associates (TNA).

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