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Daraz increases the number of electric vehicles for delivery purposes

Nepal’s largest eCommerce platform Daraz is consistently increasing the number of its electric vehicles (EVs) for delivery purposes. The decision aligns with the company’s vision to play an active role in decarbonization and operate sustainably.

In 2024, Daraz has increased the number of its EV delivery vehicles to 15. In 2023, the company only operated 2 EVs Tata Ace EV. Anupamani Dhakal, Senior GM of Sipradi Trading Commercial Vehicle Unit, handed over the keys of the 15th Tata Ace EV to Daraz.

In recent years, the online shopping platform has remained active in contributing to the government’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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Daraz brings in 15th EV for delivery purposes as the company emphasizes sustainable operations

Before commercially utilizing EVs, Daraz first tested them from various brands to understand how suitable they would be for transportation in Nepal in terms of cost, usability, ease of use, and environmental protection. After finding out that the eco-friendly vehicles are fully capable of meeting its demands, the company sought fuel-based vehicle alternatives.

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In the process, Mr. Dhakal said that he will continue to be with them as they strengthen their transportation network by using environmentally friendly vehicles.

Santosh Bista, head of Daraz Express, has expressed his belief that Tata Ace EV will support the commitment to reduce costs in the long term among the total number of vehicles owned by the company.

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