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BYD to bring an EV battery that delivers a 1000 km range

Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) is in plans to introduce a battery that would provide a range of 1000 km on a full charge which could come with the second generation of Blade batteries. This, if materializes in reality will be one of the biggest innovations in the industry.

According to reports, the high-range battery will come as part of BYD’s second-generation battery. The first-generation battery stressed strong safety protocols while the succeeding one will focus on providing customers with relief with the short range of EVs. Not to mention, this would significantly bolster BYD cars‘ presence and market value globally.

If owners of electric cars or vehicles in general are concerned, it has to be about the range hence the term range anxiety. Although eco-friendly vehicles are becoming more and more popular each day, the lack of powerful and sustainable batteries continues to be a downsize. Thanks to innovative companies such as BYD though, improvement is occurring fast. BYD, already popular for its iconic Blade battery technology, could bring another solid innovation that could disrupt the industry and propel its position among EV makers globally.

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BYD is introducing a second-generation EV battery that could deliver a 1000 km range

BYD’s sub-brand Fin Dreams is set to introduce the second-generation battery. Unlike traditional batteries, Blade battery takes 50% less space however, the upcoming blade batteries will occupy more density. The first-generation Blade batteries are equipped with 150 watt hours per kilogram density which will increase to 190 watt hours per kilogram.

BYD Seal price in Nepal
BYD Seal

Additionally, these batteries will be smaller and weigh less. Various outlets claim that after the second-generation Blade batteries come into use, EVs will deliver a CLTC range of over 1000 km. This may interest you: Why Should You Buy an Electric Vehicle in Nepal?

BYD cars have become very popular in Nepal due to its affordability and build quality (including the battery range). BYD Seagull (aka BYD Dolphin mini) is also known to launch in Nepal, which will take the market by storm for sure.

It’s also claimed that these batteries will be cheaper than the current ones which should contribute to driving down the prices of the new energy vehicles. The second-generation BYD Blade battery will be commercially launched in August 2024.

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