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NEA to build service centers for charging station

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is set to build 3 service centers for EV charging stations. The move seeks to address the lack of maintenance for EV chargers across the country.

The authority has set up 51 charging stations around the country. However, due to the lack of repair and servicing, they have not been as helpful to the electric vehicle owners leading to bouts of range anxiety. The service stations will be used to keep the charging stations intact.

3 service centers are going to be set up for problem-solving at charging stations. “We will have a vehicle with one/two engineers on standby at the service center,” said Sagar Gyawali, assistant manager of Nepal Electricity Authority, “we are going to keep it regionally.”

Gyawali shared, “Currently authority has to address the maintenance for its charging stations from the center. This takes time hence the need for service centers. We are working to make charging stations effective.”

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NEA devises plans to address charging station issues

There are issues such as the NEA charge app not working, low voltage, and problems in charging stations. Gyawali laid bare the plan, “We will fix the place and start the work of the service center.”

NEA has established a charging station with concessional loans of Rs 39.79 crore from Asian Development Bank (ADB). These stations are installed on the major highways and urban areas including 7 inside Kathmandu.

It’s said that NEA’s EV chargers rake in around Rs 1.5 lakh daily from charging fares. However, EV owners have related several issues regarding charging stations. So, the service stations will play a pivotal role in ensuring that they remain working round the clock.

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