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Foodmandu and Upaya City Partners to Meet Delivery Demands

Nepal’s pioneer online food delivery company Foodmandu and Upaya City Cargo, an online logistics enterprise have joined hands to fulfill inflated delivery demands. The deal would help Foodmandu be more efficient in delivering food during peak hours.

Both companies recently signed the agreement papers to implement the collaboration. Foodmandu is Nepal’s first and most prominent online food delivery platform.

Foodmandu and Upaya City to bolster more efficient delivery service

Following the signing ceremony, both companies spoke about the potential of their cooperation. For Foodmandu, it will enable them to cope and fulfill inflated demands at the expense of Upaya.

“As a pioneer in food delivery services, we always aim to make lives easier through online ordering. However, demands often exceed capacity when there are high volumes of orders coming in, causing possible delays in delivery or requiring us to temporarily stop receiving new orders. Now, whenever Foodmandu’s orders are high, the delivery will be extended to Upaya’s riders. This will help us with fast fulfillment of exceeding orders,” says Manohar Adhikari, Founder, and MD of Foodmandu.

Meanwhile, for Upaya City, partnering with an elite delivery company means it will find an exceptional means of broadening its services to more households.  

“Through this collaboration, we can provide trips to our delivery partners through Foodmandu even during off-hours, allowing them to generate extra income,” says Mr. Suman Rayamajhi, MD of Upaya City Cargo.

Delivering food on time could be hectic and daunting at times due to traffic and demands plus the need to keep the food safe. This demands delivery riders to be alert and active all the time. So to implement its food delivery efficiently as possible, Foodmandu will arrange for training for Upaya riders on food handling and safety as well as faster service delivery.

For seamless implementation, Foodmandu will offer specialized training for Upaya riders on food handling and safety.

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Expanding to more cities!

Foodmandu, though very popular has limited its services in Kathmandu and Pokhara with the service arriving for the latter just recently. However, the company does have plans to cater food in more cities. With the deal with Upaya, it will get a vital push to explore the potential in more cities beyond the two metros.

Meanwhile, with Upaya, Foodmandu will expand its services to the outskirts of Kathmandu.

On the other hand, Upaya has said it seeks to offer Foodmandu value-added services to its food delivery partner. As per the logistics company, it will start delivering chilled and frozen food in cold chain boxes and bags.

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Upaya City Cargo is an online logistics company operating in various cities of Nepal. An innovative tech platform, Upaya City Cargo delivers quality logistics solutions with a commitment to transforming the way things move in Nepal.

Foodmandu is Nepal’s first company and elite online food delivery company in collaboration with hundreds of popular restaurants. As a pioneer food delivery service provider, it is making life easier through online ordering. So far, its services are available in Kathmandu and Pokhara. You can use the Foodmandu app to choose your favorite restaurant and order food online.

Would Foodmandu be your handy company to deliver food home if it was available? Do share in the comments below.

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