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Daraz 11.11 2023 Sale is Live: Get 80% discounts, vouchers worth Rs 10,000: Find more

The shoppers’ ultimate destination in Nepal, DARAZ 11.11 2023 sale: THE BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR is NOW LIVE. In this mega-popular shopping campaign, Daraz is offering up to 80% off on MEGA DEALS, BRAND-NEW CG WASHING MACHINE GIVEAWAYS, MEGA VOUCHES, CREDIT/DEBIT CARD DISCOUNTS, NATIONWIDE FREE DELIVERY, and plenty more. Find out the major features of the shopping fiesta and decide what you are going to grab home. It’s also Tihar time, so you would be delighted to buy your favorite goodies for gifts to your siblings and ante up your festivities.  

On announcing the November 11 shopping carnival, Daraz Nepal Managing Director Aanchal Kunwar said, “Daraz 11.11 is more than just a sale – it’s our way of saying thanks to our customers and sellers. We’ve worked hard to make 11.11 special for everyone. In addition to delivering substantial savings, we are also creating an unparalleled shopping experience. We hope you have a great time exploring all the fantastic deals on Daraz 11.11!.”

Find out why Daraz 11.11 2023 will be your must-buy destination below:


From incredibly lofty discounts to an unbelievable number of saving options, these are probably the major highlights for you to shop on the Daraz 11.11 2023 sale:

  • Up to 80% discount on your favorite products,
  • Best electronic deals on smartphones, laptops, earbuds, smartwatches, etc.,
  • Vouchers worth up to a dazzling Rs 10,000,
  • Free Delivery,
  • Up to Rs 2,500 on credit/debit card payment,
  • A total of Rs 7 crore discounts on over a million products, and more.
Daraz 11.11 2023 sale Nepal


From MEGA DEALS, to, MEGA VOUCHERS & GIVEAWAYS, TO FREE DELIVERY, find out the major highlights of DARAZ 11.11 2023 SALE:


Daraz 11.11 2023 sale is all about MEGA DEALS. You get your favorite product at the best deal possible whether it’s an electronic, apparel, home appliance, or else, Daraz Nepal has it in its “warehouse”. And yes, you get them with up to 80% discount. Yes, that’s it! In its MEGA DEAL, Daraz Nepal is offering up to a ridiculous 80% discount on an exhaustive range of products. You may not want to miss out on this.


MEGA GIVEAWAY is another highlight of the Daraz sale campaign. This year, the eCommerce giant is giving away BRAND-NEW CG WASHING MACHINES FOR 11 LUCKY WINNERS. All you need to do is buy a product that is worth below Rs 999 and pay via a partner bank or IME. Be part of the Daraz 11.11 sale and be eligible to bring home an electronic washer.

Mega giveaway washing machine Daraz 11.11 2023 Nepal


Grab MEGA VOUCHERS WORTH RS 10,000 and shop the biggies during this Daraz 11.11 sale. The massive discount voucher will help you make HUGE SAVINGS while you go on a shopping spree. These vouchers won’t stay long so be quick to collect them and save and shop your favorite items on Daraz. These vouchers are released daily at noon. Don’t forget to use ChatGPT-powered AskDaraz to get recommendations while shopping during Daraz 11.11.

Mega voucher Daraz 11.11 Rs 10000


Daraz 11.11 ensures authentic and high-quality products through its DIAMOND AND GOLD BRANDS. This time around, Daraz has the following for its Gold Brand partners.

  1. Ultima Lifestyle,
  2. Muscle Blaze, 
  3. Hada Labo,
  4. Vaseline, Cetaphil,
  5. Zuvara, Goldstar, and
  6. WOW Skin Science.

Similarly, the following are the GOLD BRANDS for Daraz 11.11 sale 2023:

  1. HiFuture
  2. Phillips,
  3. Fancyra, 
  4. Adidas,
  5. Mamaearth,
  6. Plum, and
  7. Fantech

Buy your wish list products from the brands above for value and your money with eye-catching deals.


Daraz Nepal has partnered with various banks in Nepal to enable more saving options for shoppers. So, when you use credit or debit cards issued by these partner banks, you will be entitled to some delightful discounts. Use this option to make more savings. This year, Daraz has partnered with the banks below for prepayment discounts.

  1. Nabil Bank,
  2. Sanima Bank,
  3. Himalayan Bank,
  4. Global IME Bank,
  5. NIC Asia Bank,
  6. Everest Bank,
  7. Nepal Investment Mega Bank,
  8. NMB Bank,
  9. Machhapuchchhre Bank,
  10. Citizens Bank,
  11. Nepal SBI Bank,
  12. Nepal Bank,
  13. Agricultural Development Bank,
  14. Jyoti Bikas Bank, and
  15. Shangri-la Development Bank.

So, if you use either of the bank’s credit cards to pay for your shopping, you get a 20% discount, up to Rs 2,500. For a debit card, you will benefit from a 15% discount, up to Rs 2,000.

Similarly, if you pay via the IME digital wallet, you get a 15% discount on your shopping. The discounts for wallet payments are strategically placed. If you shop and pay between 12:00 AM to 12:30 AM, you get 15% off, up to Rs 500). Likewise, you can pay between 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM and then again between 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM to get the same 15% discount on your shopping. Use PREPAYMENT AND IME PAY DISCOUNTS as an extra way to make savings.


In another standout saving feature during this shopping carnival, you can clinch a discount of 15% on shopping. This is available when you ADD TO CART your favorite items on Daraz. You need to add items to your cart worth a minimum of Rs 999 from Top Selling Items.

Daraz voucher flat 15% off 11.11 sale nepal


Do this to be part of the Add to Cart subset offer, follow the steps below:

  1. Click here and start picking items into your cart,
  2. Collect the vouchers available,
  3. You can explore products from other brands as well,
  4. Now, you can fully redeem the voucher and get the FLAT 15% OFF on shopping.


To assure you a most satisfying shopping experience, Daraz is delivering your ordered products right to your doorstep for free. Yes, Daraz Nepal has announced that it will provide a FREE DELIVERY service for its shoppers in this 11.11 sale campaign. Make sure that your shopping is worth a minimum of Rs 699. The free delivery service is available on an exclusive selection of products and it’s already available from November 1.

daraz free delivery 11.11 2023 sale Nepal

SOME FAQs about Daraz 11.11

Here are some information [Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Daraz 11.11 Nepal]

What is the Daraz 11.11 sale?

Daraz 11.11 is an annual shopping fair that takes place on November 11 starting when the clock strikes midnight.

How long does Daraz 11.11 2023 last?

Daraz 11.11 sale is originally supposed to last for just 22 hours but given its extraordinary popularity, Daraz Nepal usually extends its validity for up to a week at least.

Does Daraz 11.11 happen in Nepal only?

Daraz operates in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar and the 11.11 sale is launched in these five markets.

What is the date for Daraz 11.11 2023?

Daraz 11.11 2023 sale in Nepal started on November 01 and will conclude on November 22, 2023 (Kartik 25 to Mangsir 06, 2080).

What is Daraz Nepal?

Daraz Nepal is Daraz’s online marketplace venture for Nepal.

How many discounts do I get on the Daraz 11.11 sale?

Usually, there are 4 types of (but not limited to)discounts which comprise Mega vouchers, FLAT 15% “Add-to-Cart” vouchers, prepayment discounts, and store discounts. You can stack up all these discounts to SAVE BIG on your November 11 shopping.

How many Daraz 11.11 sale has taken place in total in Nepal?

In Nepal, there have been 6 Daraz 11.11 sale campaign has been launched including the latest one in 2023

If you want to know more about Daraz 11.11 2023 sale discounts, their time, how to get MEGA VOUCHERS, etc., leave your query in the comment section below.

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