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Kathmandu Metro tells film halls and casinos to digitize tickets

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has ordered to digitize tickets for film halls and casinos in Kathmandu. The Balen Shah-led local government directed 17 cinema halls and 6 casinos to adopt a digital system for tickets.  

The decision aligns with the city’s various current plans aimed at the digital transformation of services. Kathmandu has forwarded various plans & policies to make the city a safer and better place to live.

On July 4 Wednesday, the revenue department of the city wrote in a letter, “If the taxpayer of entertainment tax has collected the entrance fee through the digital system, within three days and if the digital system is not operational, then within the next 30 days, the entrance fee must be digitized.”

The letter also implies that the digital ticket system must make access available for KMC’s revenue department.

Digitize tickets of film halls and casinos in Kathmandu- KMC issues the directive

Kathmandu’s directive for digitized tax of cinema halls and casinos closely aligns with the province’s own tax system. Bagmati province government has imposed entertainment tax on film halls, concerts, theaters, fun parks, water gardens, children’s gardens, casinos, futsal, Zumba, night club, massage & spas, zipline, bungee jump, swimming pools, and others.

As per the law, movie halls now have to pay a 5% percent entertainment tax to the metropolis per ticket to enter. Likewise, for casinos, the tax amount has been fixed at Rs 50 per entry which means every person will have to pay the stated amount to enter a casino that lies within the jurisdiction of KMC.

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A 3 percent entertainment tax has been fixed for each ticket for entering fun parks, water gardens, children’s gardens, double evenings, night clubs, etc., and 5 percent.

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