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Broadcast channel coming to Facebook and Messenger: Learn how it works

Meta has announced that Broadcast Channel will soon arrive on Facebook and Messenger. The feature lets page managers interact with their followers and feed them about the latest updates. On the other hand, it is a place where followers feel more connected with the things of their interest. Broadcast Channel works just like a group chat.

If you own or admin a page, you can use various features of Broadcast Channel such as polls to get feedback from community. You can also share photos, videos or use voice notes to reach out.

But only creators have the option to send messages. Followers can react and vote in the polls. The feature is still under work but will come shortly for the users.

“We’re currently testing the ability for Pages to create broadcast channels and expect to roll this out in the coming weeks. Anyone on Facebook can join these broadcast channels to stay up to date on the latest from their favorite Pages,” Meta said in its blog post.

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How Does Facebook’s broadcast channel works?

You can directly start a Broadcast Channel from your page given that it’s available in your region. Or you can join the waitlist and wait for the notification form Meta when it’s available.

Once available, followers can receive a notification to join the channel. The notification is sent just for once. Also read: Meta appoints Httpool by Aleph as a sales partner in Nepal

You can join Broadcast Channels from your Page’s profile on Facebook. When you join the channel, you start receiving notifications when a new content is posted. You can mute the notification from the mute ion at the top right corner of the channel thread.

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