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Hamro Patro develops GPS tracking software, launching soon!

Now, it’s possible to track vehicles on the Hamro Patro app. The company has launched a new software that allows to GPS track the location of vehicles. The service has been put into practice for schools and campuses and could be launched soon.

The service is yet to be officially inaugurated by the company. However, the program has been implemented at Deerwalk School and Campus. In the first phase, we have installed GPS tracking software on 15 Deerwalk buses, said Hamro Patro Director Sudina Gautam.

“After this, we will launch the software and operate it on Prabhu Bank’s vehicles. Currently, we have aimed at providing this software at schools, colleges, and various institutions,” she added.

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Vehicle track on Hamro Patro

The GPS tracking feature developed by Hamro Patro will let parents track the location of their children’s school buses. The feature is apparently in-app meaning tracking the vehicles will be possible from the Hamro Patro app itself. Interested schools, colleges, and businesses can contact the Hamro Patro office for the GPS tracking service.

Likewise, businesses and institutions can also keep track of their motorbikes, jeeps, and other four-wheelers with Hamro Patro GPS tracking service. This could be significant not just for locating vehicles but for many security reasons too.

So far, Hamro Patro has kept mum on various details except for sharing that the service is coming soon. Read next: Hamro Patro is introducing a Video Conferencing Feature

There is no certainty whether the service will come for personal use. Hamro Patro hasn’t shared charges for the system either.

Hamro Patro’s vehicle tracking system works with a tracking device that is fitted to a vehicle. The company is importing the device from China.

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