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Government approves Green Hydrogen Policy, 2080

The government of Nepal has approved the Green Hydrogen Policy 2080. The Council of Ministers meeting sat on Magh 03’s consent to the application of renewable energy now has paved the way for interested firms to study, research, and utilize hydrogen for various needs in Nepal.

The government made the decision as it seeks to encourage the shift to using alternative energy in a bid to reduce the environmental effects caused by traditional fuels.

To put the matter into perspective, Kathmandu University (KU) is reaching the prospect of green hydrogen in Nepal. The institution has also imported a hydrogen-based car that runs on hydrogen with the objective of dissecting how it operates.

first hydrogen car in Nepal kathmandu university
Hydrogen Car imported by Kathmandu University

Hydrogen fuel is considered cheaper and worthy for the long run while it’s also zero-carbon energy. In Nepal, the discourse is growing for green hydrogen. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is also working on a project to set up a hydrogen plant.

A few months back, the current PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal had extended his wish to ride a vehicle running on hydrogen. Also check out: Best Electric Cars Price in Nepal | Latest 2024 Update

Hydrogen and electricity are two alternatives to traditional fuels such as petroleum products- gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc. The idea of decarbonization and eco-friendly transport and industry has propelled the idea of green hydrogen technology as of late in Nepal. However, it remains to be seen how its prospects and real-life implications pan out in the country.

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