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Madan Bhandari University Connected by Eduroam Internet

Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology, situated in Thaha Municipality, Chitlang has been connected to the Eduroam internet. The broadband network was brought to the educational institution by the Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN).

After being part of the global Eduroam connectivity network, the members associated the Madan Bhandari University will earn free internet access at any member institute. Likewise, the foreign members connected to the Eduroam network will get WiFi access at Madan Bhandari University. The idea is to mutually share Eduroam’s broadband network among the global members.

A few weeks earlier, NREN had established Eduroam WiFi at Bir Hospital. The list is expanding in Nepal.

Eduroam WiFi internet connected at Madan Bhandari University

The cooperation will benefit researchers, students, and other members of Madan Bhandari University with the globally connected Eduroam internet. In this broadband network, users are authenticated by Radius server so it’s considered more secure than a traditional WiFi network.

By exploiting the benefits of Eduroam WiFi, universities, research institutions, teachers, and students involved in higher education can connect to the internet with their institutions’ username and password while they are at a different Eduroam member institution. Presently, Eduroam WiFi has been connected to over 110 countries.

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Eduroam provides easy network access for people from research and academic organizations to other organizations around the world.

In Nepal, NREN has been encouraging various educational institutes research institutions, and hospitals to sign up for Eduroam service with free installation. NREN servers as a national roaming operator. In Nepal, a total of 27 institutions have established Eduroam WiFi including Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University, Bir Hospital, and Nepal Academy of Science & Technology (NAST).

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