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Hamro Patro is introducing a Video Conferencing Feature

  • Hamro Patro is introducing a video conferencing feature
  • It could arrive in two versions – basic and paid with a cost-friendly price tag
  • The feature could roll out in the next two months to all the Hamro Patro app users

Popular Nepali app Hampro Patro is introducing a video conferencing feature. The video conference will reportedly accommodate up to 100 participants.

The video conferencing feature will add another valuable service to Hamro Patro’s rich number of features.

The company’s founder Shankar Upreti has revealed that the feature will soon arrive in the super app. And he also provided more insight into the subscription model of the incoming video call system.

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Two versions – paid and free

Apparently, the video conference service will come under two subscriptions – basic and premium. Upreti shared that under the regular basic subscription, up to 25 participants can enjoy a free video meeting feature for one hour. For more minutes, a premium subscription will be required.

The premium video conference version will cost only Rs.100 and it will allow up to 100 participants in a meeting. And they can engage in the meeting with no cap on the duration limit.  

Since the Covid-19 lockdowns, video conferencing apps have enjoyed an unprecedented boom. From online classes to business meetings, to online training, going virtual has become the norm. While most apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team come with both regular and premium versions, the latter comes at a cost.

But compared to others, Hamro Patro’s premium version subscription seems highly cost-efficient. For now, not much is discussed about the features but should be more conspicuous in days to come. Hamro Patro previously launched the Video call feature in 2077. The video conference feature will be an upgrade over it.

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The company is expected to roll out the feature in the next two months for all Hamro Patro users.

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