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Siddhant Thakuri Appointed New COO of FonePay

Siddhant Thakuri has been appointed the new COO of FonePay. Prior to this, Mr. Thakuri served at Nabil Bank for 18 years.

Nepal’s leading Payment Service Operator FonePay has appointed Former Nabil long-server Siddhant Thakuri as its new COO. Thakuri was welcomed by Biswas Dhakal, the Chief of F1 Soft Group, FonePay’s parent company.  

The incumbent will take over the growing network of FonePay and help it reach further milestones in the growing interoperable mobile payment environment in Nepal.

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Thakuri has experience of 18 years of service at Nabil Bank, one of Nepal’s leading commercial banks. He is highly invested in payment cards and digital transactions.

Having accumulated years of experience in banking and digital payment, Thakuri will now preside over FonePay and help further its services and offers.

FonePay is Nepal’s leading payment operator and has entered interoperability with other mobile payment providers. In it, it has a plethora of possibilities and scope to reach new heights.

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FonePay is part of F1 Soft Group and was launched in 2004. In its 18 years of service, it has evolved into being a common feature in smartphones these days while also becoming a favorite for merchants to facilitate electronic payment.

As of now, FonePay has 5 lakh 70 thousand merchants in its network. Besides, it has over 55 partners and is serving a total of over 14 million registered users. The platform offers the most secure transaction with PCI /DSS-compliant security standards.

Through its member banks/financial institutions and digital wallets, FonePay is helping smartphone users pay for services through Scan & Pay QR service.

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