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CCTV to Monitor Traffic Violators, Pilot Project Soon

Traffic police are soon employing CCTV to monitor traffic violators. Metropolitan Traffic Police Office will soon establish the automated CCTV set up to pilot the project. In its first phase, the project will begin from Thapathali.

Metropolitan Traffic Police Office says the CCTV will soon start its testing period. This action will be consistent with online fine payment for traffic rule violations and play one factor in the Digital Nepal vision.

The Metro Traffic Division’s IT Chief Inspector Suresh Kumar Thapa says the new automated system will identify traffic rule violators without human intervention and help exert action. Once this system is implemented, traffic police won’t have to commit themselves physically. As of now, the enforcers stay present in the streets, and issue fines and including taking other actions.

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CCTV to Monitor Traffic with auto-detection

At present, traffic police monitor vehicles’ movement and maintain the codes. They also carry speed detectors to check for overspeeding vehicles. But the new automated system will have CCTV to monitor traffic rules violators.

If any vehicle is found breaching traffic rules and regulations, the cameras will detect it. The camera will id the vehicle’s registered number and forward it to its Central Database System (CDS). Then the Metro Traffic Division will identify the vehicle owner and take action compliant with the established rules.

If any vehicle crosses the designated lane in the street, the software in the CCTV cameras will trace it. A technician then will gather the data of the vehicle and forward it to the office for action.

The project will begin from Thapathali with a pilot project beginning soon. The Metro Traffic Division has already had the necessary cameras, software, and equipment ready for it and expects the system to go live soon.

How do you see CCTV replacing traffic police presence to monitor traffic? Will it be as effective and reform the existing system? Do offer your inputs in the comments below.

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