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Bhatbhateni Supermarkets integrates Hamro Pay QR payment for a seamless payment solution

Bhatbhateni Supermarkets (BBSM) has incorporated Hamro Pay QR payments bringing a fast and convenient payment solution to its customers. The prominent retail chain has brought the electronic payment service during the holiday time of Dashain which will greatly benefit the shoppers who will flock to its stores this festive season.

BBSM has called it the “beginning of an enhanced shopping experience for all our Hamro Pay users.” Presently, Bhatbhateni has made Hamro Pay QR payment available at its Koteshwor Branch which offers customers a straightforward mode of payment on their smartphones. Soon, the retail chain will expand the service to “all BBSM locations in the coming days ensuring that every Bhatbhateni customer gets access to this seamless payment method.”

On this occasion, Bhabhateni has extended its gratitude to Panu Paudel of BBSM, Santosh Tamrakar, and the entire IMS team whose help was as said, instrumental in bringing the payment solution to the country’s leading retail chain.

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Hamro Pay QR payment elevates customer experience at Bhatbhateni stores

The supermarket chain says that launching the Hamro Pay QR solution will not just elevate the customers’ mobile payment experience at its stores, but also steer the future path where reliability, convenience, and efficiency will be at its core.

Together, we are not only elevating the payment experience but also paving the way toward a future where reliability, convenience, and efficiency are tangible for every customer. Bhatbhateni has consistently brought mobile payment facilities to its stores. You can also pay with FonePay QR at Bhatbhateni stores.

Bhatbhateni is Nepal’s largest supermarket retail chain with a presence in almost all the major cities across the country. Min Bahadur Gurung is the owner of the Bhatbhateni supermarket chain and is the chairman and managing director of the Bhat-Bhateni Group.

If you use the Hamro Pay digital wallet and are going for your Dashain shopping at the Bhatebhateni store in Koteshwor, don’t forget to use the Hamro Pay QR for an easier and more convenient payment.

Hamro Pay is one of the fast-growing digital wallets in Nepal amassing hundreds of thousands of users within a few months and already features inter-wallet transfer among other notable features. You can share how your experience has been using the Hamro Pay mobile wallet in our comment box below.

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