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Nepali Patro Adds New Features, Get News Count, etc.

The popular Nepali Patro app has added a host of new features in its new update. The changes elevate the news reading experience on the app with a fresh feel and options.

Users now will find it easier to keep up with the latest news, and breaking news from Nepal and around the world. The updated app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

As the first community app, Nepali Patro has integrated news from various media sources. Users can conveniently find alerts, special interviews, analyses, and feature stories from many sources all on the single app.  

Making it all new and updated, the app has added 8 new features that will remarkably enhance news reading for its regular users.

Regarding new updates, Nepali Patro CEO Santosh Devkota says, “In our news section, you will find latest updates, live news website, newspapers, television online edition, etc. all on the app in a smart way with more features.”

 “Users can get updates on business, sports, and politics in one click but now, they will have a new experience in the section”, He added.

Download the Nepali Patro app: Android | iOS

Nepali Patro new updates

New Design:

Starting with, the latest Nepali Patro update brings a new design to the app. It’s simple, clean, and light. With the recent change, you will find the main features at the top of the home page.

In addition, you can bookmark your favorite news, and access news notifications, and language settings. You can also access news through 9 categories.

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Bookmark your favorite news:

Bookmarking is a common internet practice that allows users to save a particular page for future reading or reference. In Nepali Patro too, the feature has been added. Now, you can bookmark a news piece so that you can revisit it later.

The advantage is that once you log in and save bookmarks, you can retrieve them later even after you reset your phone or log in with the same details on another device. The privilege is not available for those who bookmark without logging in to the app.

In the footer section, you get news, trending, for your, and other features. The news tab comprises 9 categories of news while the Trending tab includes the most read and popular news items.

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With it, you don’t miss any news that has been drawing wide attention from the public. Visit the tab to get the news that people have most looked for and read. The app has based the trending news section on the number of clicks news has received.

Nepali Patro features

This includes personalization. You can personalize the news section as per the sources of your liking. You can also choose the categories to read the type of news that you prefer most.

This includes notifications. For those who don’t want nagging persistent alerts, the app has added a saved notification feature.

With this feature, you can find all the notifications in the notification tab that arrived. It offers you peace of mind while also doing the job efficiently without flooding you with notification sounds.

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Other latest news and features will be added to the “Other” tabs. So, you can check on news that is not in the breaking or trending section. With this option, you will catch up with news from most major sources online.

Top 10 news:

Want to read the most sought-after news? The new update has the Top 10 news feature that consists of 10 national and international news that have drawn the most appeal. With this feature, you won’t ever miss the most important news items any single day.

Do you visit the Nepali Patro app often for news? Which of the above features do you find most convincing? Do share in the comments below.

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