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Films to be Registered Online, Film Development Board Developing a System

Nepali films can be registered online. The Film Development Board (FDB) is preparing a system that lets films made locally be registered over the Internet.

KL Budhathoki, the spokesman for the Board confirmed that an online system is being developed for the online registration of films.  

He shared the news while speaking at an interview program organized by Film Journalist Association Nepal, Dang.

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He said that film registration online will put an end to the need to go to the board for the registration of documentaries and films produced locally, Gorkhapatra writes.

Spokesman Budhathoki continued that while even small documentaries are winning the best awards in the world, the Film Development Board has also started taking such films to the registration process.

The Nepali film industry is going through a number of reforms to make it more sophisticated and efficient. Plus, the chain cinema is also changing the way moviegoers experience the movies. Online systems are only going to help with the digital transformation of the industry for the better.

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