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Box Office System Implemented, Data Will Be Released Monthly

Film Development Board has implemented a box office system. Now, films’ business data will be released monthly. The move will be helpful specially to ascertain how much a movie has made.

Film Development Board Chairman Bhuwan KC said that box office details will be published monthly from Baisakh to make film businesses transparent. “After being instructed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT), we have brought out the annual statement. Now we will bring it monthly”, said KC. He believes that when the details are published on a monthly basis, there will be no confusion about movie transactions.

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Box Office system implemented in Nepal

Praveen Pandey, a Box office officer shared that there may be a minor difference in the statistics released by the board. “Though the box office system is installed in all movie theaters, there may be some manipulation due to lack of monitoring. Some are doing it on purpose. But the board has increased monitoring on this”, said Officer Pandey to Gorkhapatra, “We have published the official data that we have.”

The business data from the screening of movies all over Nepal is obtained from the government of Nepal through the e-ticketing system. Since this system was implemented in Nepal in 2076, producers still had to rely on the data of the distributor. Producers and distributors can know the official statistics of the tickets sold and the earning of a movie through the box office system. Check out: Cinema Cyber Security Desk Comes into Operation With A Hotline Number

Even after three years of installation, the reliability of this system is being questioned. After the board announced the total business of 135 out of 135 films released in 2079, the production team of ‘Chakka Panja 4 objected to the data’.

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