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Nepali Films to Be Released on South Indian OTTs

Nepali films will be released on South Indian OTT platforms. The ‘Indo-Nepal Cinema Exchange Summit 2023’ was held at the Film Development Board on Sunday, and an agreement was reached between the Nepal Film Promotion Circuit (NFPC) and the Film and Television Promotion Council (FTPC) of India. As per the cooperation, films from Nepal and India will be released in translated languages in each other countries.

Bhuwan KC, the chief guest at the summit, Chairman of the Film Development Board, urged the representatives from both countries to use the bilateral agreement for the benefit of Nepali films. While stating that the board is eager to welcome South Indian films to be shot in Nepal, he said that finding each other’s market is positive. KC also stressed the possibility of joint investment in the film to be produced in the two countries.

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Nepali films on South Indian OTT Platforms and vice versa

In the meantime, NFPC General Secretary Himal Neupane said that the body is doing its homework to release good South Indian films in theaters along with Nepali OTT platforms. FTPC Secretary PVS Burma expressed that they are trying to exchange art and culture between Nepal and India through exchanging films in the respective markets. He said that there is a plan to expand the possibilities between the films of the two countries for market growth.

A South Indian film team led by FTPC Chairman Chaitanya Jung is studying the market and potential of Nepali films. During the ceremony, Jang said that the exchange of shooting locations between Nepal and India could also become an important part of the film exchange. Check out: Box Office System Implemented, Data Will Be Released Monthly

The agreement comes amidst the growing affinity of Indian filmmakers in India. From directing movies to actors vising Nepali tourist hotspots, have brought the potential between the two countries into the limelight. Prem Geet 3 released back in September also did commendable business in India. If explore deeply, both film industries could have a lot to benefit from each other.

During the summit, some Nepali filmmakers who have made vital contributions to internationalizing Nepali films were also honored.

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