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Metro Online Taxi Begins Service: Book Your Ride At Rs.99

Metro Online Taxi has begun its service in Kathmandu. The digital embrace allows commuters can book and start their ride right from home. To the delight of everyone, the service comes affordable starting from Rs.99 only.

You can book your ride on an app and call the taxi at home. To do this, the company has made its app available on the Play Store. The app appears with the name “Metro Online Taxi” on the Android platform.

The online taxi service would bring much-needed reform and convenience for the daily commuters. The public has often had to bear with the inflated cost of taxi fare and the syndicate has made it an unpopular option for daily transport. However, an affordable online solution would bring long-awaited relief to the people who need a ride to their destinations on time. The minimum Rs.99 fare is respectable compared to the current practice of indiscriminate flat rates.

Metro Online Taxi: The Biggest Taxi Network

The start-up has already got 5K taxis under its wings. This also makes it the largest taxi network in the county.

Metro Online Taxi held an orientation with the taxi drivers to discuss providing satisfactory service to the public. Behavior with the commuters, use of the app, and other details dominated the session.

Metro Online Taxi launched

Marketing Management Chief Surya Tamang said the online taxi service would set up a new decorum that will bring respect to the industry. He also added that the company will offer training in different regions on a monthly basis.

Metro Online Taxi runs its service in coordination with taxi owners and riders. The online venture will add another reinforcement to the Digital Nepal Framework drive. Digitalizing taxi services will bring peace of mind to many who need a reliable medium of transport on the go.

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Administrative Chief Rabindra Bhupal Pradhan said that Metro Online Taxi will offer rides for starting cost of Rs.99. He further added that the company is planning on expanding the service to more areas with more taxis in a near future.

Metro Online Taxi service commuters would feel safer and more protected. The details of the car and the passengers are registered on its servers. Taxi drivers must register themselves before they could offer service to any customers. Both the drivers and the passengers would feel protected with their detail being recorded in the cloud.

The taxis operating with the company have insurance as per the company’s criteria. This will make the professionals feel protected by the company.

The online taxi is a need of the time. Two-wheelers ride sharing has become mainstream in Nepal with Pathao and Tootle and now taxis are also finding their imminence with the digital aid. The digitalization of transport is a key element of the public ride and it will provide a much safer and convenient public transport service and the digital embrace has been the key.

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Metro Taxi Online will bring taxi service a lift in reputation and achieve higher respect between the passengers and the drivers. Are you booking your ride any time soon? Do let us know in the comments.

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