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Meta Deactivates Facebook Group MRR, for election-related content

Meta has deactivated the popular Facebook group MRR (Mens Room Reloaded). The company cited Community Guideline violations for blocking access ahead of the general election on Mansir 4.

MRR is a popular Facebook group among Nepali netizens where youth-centric topics are discussed. Lately, the group was also posting content relating to the upcoming general election which may have bemused the Election Commission which is responsible for governing everything related to the election in Nepal.

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What does the admin say about the pull of the Facebook group MRR?

MRR group admin said that Facebook pulled the group on the ground of community guidelines breaches. He made the statement via a Facebook post.

But the company didn’t reveal which specific posts from the group violated its terms. The admin did submit a review request but it’s revealed that the company declined a reconsideration.

It is not the first time MRR came under scrutiny though. In 2020, the group was penalized on similar grounds.

The Election Commission has strengthened its efforts to curb hate speech and misinformation ahead of the election. Facebook comments, tags, and sharing have been under the watch as well. Besides, the Commission recently sat with Meta to monitor comments by Nepali users.

Election-related posts are most likely the reason for the deactivation of MRR. But it remains to be seen whether the deactivation is temporary or permanent.

Do you think blocking access to social media posts, groups or comments can help maintain the integrity of elections? Or do you find it an undemocratic practice? Do share in the comments below.

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