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Foreign Employment depart tells the public not to trust any European job visa offers surfacing on social media

Department of Foreign Employment has asked the public not to believe in any employment-related information abroad surfacing lately on social media. Releasing a notice, the department alerted the public about the widely spreading fake job visa advertisements in Europe on social media in recent days.

More particularly, there have been advertisements/promotions about visas and work in Romania, Malta, Albania, Canada, etc. As unauthorized and random people are behind the recent breakout of such unsubstantiated information, the government has said that this misinformation has caught its attention.

The depart has also warned not to publicize any “news” without permission its permission and create confusion among the public.

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Action will be taken against the individuals and groups

In the meantime, the press release also tells that the government is searching for people and groups who are trying to lure people with the offer of providing working visas for Europe. It’s said that the culprits will be processed according to the existing law.

Here’s the press release by the Department of Foreign Employment:

fake job visa in Europe

Lately, social media has been buzzing with alluring posts about job opportunities in European countries. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are filled with such unauthenticated information. Thousands of Nepalese seek a move away to work abroad for better pay and living conditions.

More particularly, most fancy a chance to move to Europe or North America. But attempts made which could potentially swindle them can’t be denied. Fraud in foreign employment is rampant and the government wants to make sure it stays slim to none.

The internet is a vast space with all kinds of information and misinformation. Do you think regulating the virtual space and content filtering curb or minimize the spread of such falsity and help people from being lured, or there could be other measures? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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