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Film Halls Can Open at Midnight too, FDB Has Decided

Film Development Board (FDB) has decided that film halls can open at midnight too. The board’s meeting on December 26 concluded that cinemas could stay operational after 11:00 pm.

Prior to this, midnight shows were disallowed. But the reversal of the previous decision comes with a need for strong safety precautions.

It is told that film halls can run their night shows only after ensuring necessary safety measures for moviegoers. In addition, it is also made imperative that halls inform the board of running midnight shows prior to their screening.

Before this, film halls could only run until 11:00 pm. If it was necessary to screen movies past 11:00 pm, theatres would have had to receive approval from the respective District Administration Office (DAO) and inform FDB.

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Film Development board Reduces the Period for censoring movies

The board has also made a fresh decision regarding the censorship of movies. Now, it has mandated that films must be submitted to the board 4 days prior to their public screening.

Previously, films had a seven-day timeframe for taking their film to be reviewed for the censoring process.

In recent times, filmmakers had strongly called for more show time in cinemas. Finally, the board has become liberal allowing midnight shows. It will likely please film producers and those who want night shows for the fun and lack of day leisure.

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How about you? Do you prefer watching movies at night time or during the day? You can share with us in the comments below.

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