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CG Net Dohoro Discount Offer Get Up To Rs.1500 Voucher

CG Net Dohoro Discount Offer is here. CG Net is a popular ISP that revolutionized the speed war in the Nepalese market. Under the scheme, the customers are getting discount vouchers for purchasing CG/LG products. In this article, let’s know what CG Net Dohoro Discount Offer has in stores.

CG Net Dohoro Chhut Offer
CG Net Dohoro Chhut Offer
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    CG Net Dohoro Discount Offer

    CG Net, a company backed by Nepalese Billionaire Binod Chaudhary has introduced this offer for the customers having 50Mbps and 120Mbps subscriptions. The company is providing discount vouchers up to Rs.1500 for the aforementioned customers. The vouchers can be used for buying digital goods/electronics from CG and LG. To note, Chaudhary Group (CG) has been the official distributor of LG products in Nepal.

    The offer is applicable for purchasing goods above the price of Rs.25,000. You get a 500 rupees discount for buying goods up, to the price of Rs.49,000. Further, you get to use Rs.1000 discount vouchers on products costing up to Rs.75,000. and the remaining Rs.1500 voucher is applicable for the goods costing above Rs.75,000.

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    Also, there is a discount offer for CG Net subscriptions when buying CG Digital/LG products. Customers can get two vouchers of Rs.750 each when purchasing products above Rs.25,000. This voucher can only be used for 6 months or 12 months’ subscriptions or renewals. Moreover, users can only use one 750 rupees voucher on subscribing or renewing their 6-months package. While they can use both 750 rupees vouchers for the 12 months package subscription and renewal.

    This CG Net Dohoro Discount Offer is a limited-time offer and the vouchers are applicable for 12 months period.

    CG NET Dohoro Discount OfferDiscount Vouchers
    6 MonthsRs.750
    12 MonthsRs.1500
    CG Net Dohoro Discount Offer

    CG Net was launched in 2021 with a whooping 100Mbps package at just 999 rupees per month. This led to a speed war in the Nepalese ISP market. Since then, ISPs have landed several speed packages at a competitive price. Soon, the Mbps speed war turned into Gbps. CG Net has acquired 20,000 customers already after a year of launch. It is also expanding into more areas. So, an offer like this will surely help to add in more customers, given CG’s presence in both ISP and electronics markets.

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    So, what do you think of CG Net Dohoro Discount Offer? Are you already a subscriber of CG Net? How do you find its service? Feel free to pour your thoughts in the comment section below.

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