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Government Working on Electric Train in Kathmandu

We could after all get the electric train in Kathmandu. The Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Renu Kumari Yadav has said that the government is working on operating electric trains inside the valley.

The minister revealed the work in progress in the two-day national workshop on “Electrification Strategy of Public Transport in Nepal”.

She said the project focuses on running electric trains on the ring road for a sustainable period.

The government of Nepal has long talked about the mega project of the East-West railway. The minister claimed it would be an electronic railway. She also added that the government is in plans to encourage more use of electric vehicles in the coming days.

Nepal is suffering from a steep loss of dollar reserves and buying fuel is one of the causes of it. Using electronic trains would help conserve vital cash to maintain a healthy economy for the country.

Likewise, urban development minister Ramkumari Jhankri added that not just the public vehicles, but also the privately owned vehicles must be converted to electric for proper traffic management.

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EVs are a growing trend all around

EVs are the growing trend in Nepal as in the world. With rising fuel prices and environmental compromises, electric vehicles have drawn unprecedented allure recently although handicapped by high prices. Nepal government and private firms though offer installment and financial solutions to encourage the purchase of EVs.

Similarly, Nepali company Yatri has also launched two electric vehicles – Project 0 and Yatri Project 1 at different price segments.

The EVs are the current trend but so far it has been more in the talks than in business. However, with the government taking major initiatives, it could take a mainstream road down the years.

How do you like the idea of an electric train in Kathmandu, is it a need or a major cash burden for the country? Do offer your feedback in the comments below.

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