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CAN Federation makes labels compulsory on imported computers and laptops

Computer Association Nepal (CAN Federation) has made labels compulsory on computers and laptops. The authority has asked its members to only sell computers only after tagging labels on them.

The request comes after the government of Nepal made labelling goods mandatory from Shrawan 01, 2080 BS, the start of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2080/81. The labels helps identify the importer, date of manufacturing, price and other details while also help verify its legal transaction in Nepal.

According to the federation, the importer must label the computers and laptops themselves. The directive states that small packages and cartoons both must have labels.

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CAN criteria on labelling computers and laptops

CAN has made clear what kind of details must be tagged on the labels. The details shall include improter and distributors’ name, address, email address, website code/exim code etc. Likewise, bar code, security sticker and identity of the distributor must also be stated.

Likewise, the federation has also made a provision regarding old stocks. “For goods imported before Ashar, the concerned importers must keep old data as per the stock book, it says, “If the customs department or any government agency comes asking for it, such information must be provided or goods can be labelled too for convenience.”

According to the Federation, when wholesale or retail traders buy goods from importers in Nepal, the labelling of the importer is necessar. The wholesale and retail traders have to have bills while labels are not required.


Formed as Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) in 1992 and later registered as Federation of Computer Association Nepal (CAN Federation) in January 2015, it is an ubrellaorganization with members consisting of ICT institutions, and individuals working in the IT industry. The body collaborates with autonomous, non-political, non-profit sector of ICT with the objective of promoting digital transformational and digital inclusion.

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