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Bishwajyoti Film Hall Returns to Reel, Now in Multiplex

Bishwajyoti film hall has opened into a multiplex in Jamal, Kathmandu. With the screening of Lakka Jawan and Jayesbhai Jordar, the legacy theatres were restored back to cinema as Bishwajyoti Cineplex.

The hall first began playing movies in 2017 BS. The modern shape came to it after 60 years in service.

Legendary comedians Madan Krishna Shrestha, and Hari Bansha Acharya inaugurated Bishwajyoti Cineplex at a ceremony by jointly cutting the ribbons.

In its latest reformation, Bishwajyoti Cineplex offers two screens. The larger hall accommodates 200 viewers and the smaller one 90. The traditional Bishwajyoti cinema had a capacity of 11,75 seats. The owners had decided to demolish the old theatre and transfer it to a mall back in 2076 BS.

Bishwajyoti follows the latest trend of multiplex cinemas. Recently, other legacy theatres Gopikrishna and Ranjana had also opened into modern form with advanced audio and visual systems.

More on Bishwajyoti Film Hall

Garibnath Saraf had bought the hall in 2015 BS. Later, his son Mohan Saraf inherited its operational duties. The house has a history of screening blockbuster cinemas. Chino and Darpan Chhaya celebrated their silver jubilee. Bhuwan KC starrer Kusume Rumal was another blockbuster. Krodh, Panchhi, and Yugdekhi Yugsamma were other noticeable movies that entertained the connoisseurs of the movie in its glorious history.

Film producer Akash Adhikari said, “all my 18 movies played here. This theatre gave me recognition. I learned what it means to be a celebrity and have stardom at Bishwajyoti.”

“Krodh, made on a budget of 48 lakh earned 22 lakh from this theatre. The hall was marked for transparency in finances,” he admired.

Likewise, comedy legend Acharya said, Bishwajyoti is an important place for the film industry. Every film would be a hit once played here. Now, it has opened in a new form.” He thanked Saraf for inviting him to the inaugural ceremony as chief guest.

With Bishwajyoti screening in a new form, it will also have new owners. Mohan Saraf, the current owner of the legendary film hall announced the handover of the hall’s operation to his sons Rohan and Yuvraj Saraf.

Are you eager to watch your next favorite movie at the new Bishwayoti hall? Do comment below.

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