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APF to Install CTTV Cameras to Inspect at Nepal-India Borders

The Armed Police Force (APF) has unveiled its plan to install CCTV cameras in the Nepal-India border areas.

APF revealed its ambitious plans at a press meet at its Halchowk office. Border security and disaster management are given the topmost priority, Gorkhaptra writes.  

At the event, Inspector General of Armed Police Raju Aryal announced the upcoming plans of the force. He said, “Strong monitoring will be done to prevent unwanted activities on the border. For that, CCTV will be installed in places and patrols will be increased.”

The law enforcement agency was established in 2058 BS with a set of projects. Its objectives of it include border security, controlling terrorism-related activities, safeguarding structures of historical significance, etc.  

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CCTV cameras to inspect Nepal-India border areas

As part of the structural reforms, the armed forces have established a “border security department” to monitor the activities in the border area from the center.

As part of the institutional reform, it is said that the armed police who are working to make border security more effective will be given special training on strip maps by the Surveyors Department, and a coordinated annual meeting between the chief of the armed police and the chief of the Indian Border Security Force (SSB) will be regularized to resolve border disputes. Check out: Kathmandu Metro Trials Pelican Crossing and Smart Light

Border areas particularly, in the South have remained extremely crucial for security reasons in Nepal. Due to open borders as part of the bilateral agreement between the two countries, the borders have been a conduit to instigate girls trafficking, terrorism, and other criminal activities. Having CCTV footage will greatly help monitor and curb the infiltration of suspicious groups and activities.

Do you believe the Nepal government should be integrating enough technologies at borders to address national security concerns? Do share your opinions in the comment box below.

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