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CCTV Cameras Are to Be Installed in Kohalpur to Combat Crimes

Area Police Office has started installing multiple CCTV cameras in Kohalpur Municipality, Banke. The initiation is aimed at controlling the growing cases of road accidents, and other criminal activities.

The city has seen spiraling instances of theft, road accidents, and other crimes, and curbing their occurrence has provided difficult due to the lack of surveillance infrastructures. The CCTV cameras will help the authority minimize them at night.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kohalpur, Sundar Tiwari said that security challenges grew for the city due to damaged CCTV cameras and their lack of in many parts of the fast-developing city, Gorkhapatra writes. Also read: Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police using CCTV to nab rule violators

As part of this CCTV camera in Kohalpur campaign, jewelry business owners, banks and financial institutions operators, shops, marts, hotel owners, and industrialists will be requested to install cameras in their areas facing the road area, the area police official said.

Over 300 CCTV cameras will be installed across the various parts of Kohalpur.

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