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The government allows the use of Nepali Language on Embossed Number Plates

The government has paved the way to allow the use of embossed number plate in Nepali language. The Council of Ministers meeting held on Monday, April 03 decided that embossed numbers could use the Nepali language (Devnagari script) The decision now seems to settle the highly debated and controversial language issue around its usage.

The public and the Nepali language conservationists had long debated the government’s earlier decision to only use the English language on the smart number plates.

The cabinet decided as per the Schedule-2 of the Vehicle and Transport Management Act, 2049.

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Embossed number plate in Nepali

The communication minister and government’s spokesperson Rekha Sharma announced the decision of the cabinet. She said that the owners of the vehicles can also switch to the Nepali language for their embossed number plates. The proponents of the Nepali language had long demanded the same which the government has fulfilled.

Do you agree with the decision to let the Nepali language be used for embossed number plates or do you wish the decision was made earlier? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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