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Parliament Meetings Could Be Held Virtual, and a Possible Phone Ban

Parliament meetings would be held virtually. The amendment to the Rules of the House of Representatives 2079 BS has paved the way to render house meetings online. The meeting held on Sunday, April 02, 2023, made new provisions that now make it possible to hold parliament and commissions’ meetings online.

The online adaptation would be possible under a few circumstances.

“If at least one-fourth of the members of the assembly agree that it is not possible to hold a physical meeting due to a natural disaster or epidemic and inform the Speaker of the same, the meeting can be held using technology per the decision of the Speaker in consultation with the working arrangement advisory committee as required,” said the regulations. It has been arranged that the working procedure of the virtual meeting will be as determined by the Speaker.

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Parliament meeting online in Nepal, ban on phones

Besides online parliament meetings in Nepal, a regulation to restrict the use of phones has also been passed with approval. That is from now on, the members of the House of Representatives and the National Assembly won’t be allowed to talk on the phone or record the meetings. The regulation makes it imperative that all put their phone on silent mode.

The previous House of Representatives Rules 2075 was not clear on the topic of conducting virtual meetings and limited the use of mobile phones. But for the first time, virtual meetings and mobile phones are prohibited.

Online meetings have become a popular practice for the government. Especially, the local governments have entertained and practiced virtual meetings that are accessed by the public. By doing so, the leaders assume, they are letting the public learn the tiny little details and who says what. Online meetings are also called a marker of transparency.

Do you love the idea of online meetings and a phone ban in the Parliament of Nepal? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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