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Suzuki Burgman EV Version Coming, Specs & Price in Nepal

Suzuki Burgman EV version is almost ready for launch. The two-wheeler is going through a drive-test in Delhi, India, and is imminent for its commercial rollout. Let’s find the detailed features and Price of the Suzuki Burgman EV in Nepal.

The global auto brands are trying to break into EV rides in India and the Japanese automaker won’t hesitate to step up early. India’s domestic TVS and Bajaj have already ventured into the EV segment so foreign brand Suzuki among others is also speeding up its own ride.

Suzuki has been a mainstay brand in India for its vehicles. But it now wants to debut an EV. The company has also been testing its prototypes for a while and now it seems confirmed that Suzuki Bergman will herald its EV portfolio in India.

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Suzuki Burgman EV version taking after Burgman 125

The Suzuki Burgman inherits its design language from Burgman 125, at least by how it looks on the outside.  Likewise, it features a dual-tone color scheme and misses an exhaust canister. But making a distinction, it gets a drivetrain in the under-seat area that is connected to a motor via a chain drive setup. It doesn’t follow the conventional hardware format of other EVs.

The other remaining electronics are placed on top of the motor that also gets the speed controller, battery, and other parts.

Further, it gets a rear tire hugger to keep away the mud and dirt. Then there is a digital instrument console that could feature Bluetooth and a 4th-generation LTE network to allow smartphone connectivity and synchronization.

Unlike its inspiration Burgman 125, the EV version gets twin shock absorbers on its rear. It helps to carry the weight of the lithium-ion battery. However, the Suzuki Bergman EV version carries forward similar alloy wheels and grab rail for the pillion.

As for its power, the EV could pack a 3 – 4 kWh battery pack and a 4 – 5 kilowatt electric motor. The company has not disclosed many details about it but we will keep you updated when it finally launches.

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Suzuki Bergman EV Version Price in Nepal, Availability

As of now, there is no confirmation about when this two-wheeler is arriving in the market and also about the price. But we could expect the Suzuki Burgman EV to cost around 1.20 lakh INC. This could roughly translate to around 2.60 – 3 lakh for Nepalese consumers upon its launch. And for its launch, we could expect its launch in Q2 of 2022 in India and could follow to Nepal later. When we have more on it, we will let you know right on this page.  

Suzuki Burgman EVEstimated Price in Nepal
In India1.20 lakh
In Nepal2.60 – 3.00 lakh

Would you consider the Suzuki Burgman EV version for your electric ride? Do share what you think about this soon-to-launch eco-friendly two-wheeler in the comments box below.

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