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Check Out Hop OXO, an EV That Runs 150km Per One Charge

Hop Electric has unveiled its upcoming electric two-wheeler Hop OXO. This new electric motorbike comes with a 150km range per one full charge. The company says it will hit the markets after the company completes its testing and addresses minor improvements.

Hop OXO had its test drive done in India. This helped the EV gain enough traction among electric motorbike lovers. The company says it will now check on the motorbike’s performance and refined it before shipping it to the market. This motorbike can run up to 100km/h.

As stated, the Hop OXO is still in its beta phase. And the company is gathering vital data while its R & D team is monitoring its performance. Once all data comes in, the research team will fix its minor shortcoming and rollout for the consumer market.

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Hop OXO to be part of consumer trials

The CEO and Co-Founder of HOP Electric Mobility, Ketan Mehta, says, “Even if the products are developed by engineers and designers in studios and labs, insights from dealers and consumers are extremely crucial. We are thrilled to announce HOP Electric Mobility is the first Indian EV player to initiate consumer trials. With the #OXOSNEAKPEEK program, we are getting direct feedback and suggestions from selected partners. In addition to the intel we have gathered by conducting more than 30,000 km on-road internal testing across India, these inputs will prove pivotal in launching products that fulfill the requirements of modern-day customers.”

The company plans to ship it to the market after a 30 thousand km test drive.

Hop Electric is a leading EV manufacturer in India with a lineup of affordable two-wheelers. The company says it will build a plant in Jaipur, India, and ready 100 units per day to meet Indian demands. The plant will reportedly manufacture 1 lakh, 80 thousand units of EVs annually.

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Regarding Hop Oxo’s price & availability in Nepal, it is not yet known. But it can take months to launch here as it will take time to roll out in its domestic market after trials and error. However, you can visit this page for further updates on this motorbike.

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