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Largest Solar Charging Station in Nepal Ready Can Charge 16 EVs Once

The largest charging station in Nepal is now ready. Built-in Lumbini, the station can charge up to 16 vehicles simultaneously. And adding to that, the charging station is also equipped with solar cells to generate energy for the job.

It is Nepal’s first-ever EV charging station that gets its power from a solar plant. It was built with the aid of the Asian Development Bank under Clean Energy Product initiation.

After their recent testing, the charging station was declared ready to kick off its service.

The high capacity power supply can charge larger buses, cars, and electric rikshaws too, as per Lumbini Development Trust informed.

EVs are becoming increasingly more popular these days. Rising fuel prices and growing eco-awareness have compelled people to look towards EVs from their petroleum-run cars. Although immediately costly, EVs are sustainable and offer value for price in the long run.

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The Largest Charging Station in Nepal

The solar charging station at Lumbini is equipped with solar panels. The plant is capable of generating 174kw of power.

Backed by the Asian Development Bank, the Japanese Isaka Electric Company built the charging station.

At the trials, the charging station’s system, checking, and commissioning were successfully tested. After this, it was handed over to Lumbini Development Trust.  As per the Trust, local EV rikshaws have already begun flocking in to charge their three-wheelers.

The charging station can charge 16 electric vehicles. Out of those, 13 charging plugs are 7 kW in capacity. The remaining 3 have fast charging capability. These can charge one vehicle with 80 kWh, and 2 vehicles with 40 kWh specifications.

And the major advantage of these charging stations is the rikshaws. The charging station has 75 points to charge 75 rikshaws concurrently. At the Gautam Buddha Int’l Airport, 9 charging points are established for vehicles with 80 kWh charging needs. Another 8 chargers are set up for 40 kWh charging vehicles.

Isaka Electronic built this charging station. The company is responsible for Nepal’s first EV charging station too.

EVs are more popular than ever in Nepal. More EVs are entering Nepal through government initiatives and private enterprises.  Besides, Yatri, Nepal’s own EV manufacturer Yatri has launched its own cafe racers – Project 0 and Project 1.

As the longing for these eco-friendly vehicles grows, charging stations will increase across Nepal to facilitate the riders charging on the way. NEA has also announced it is building 50 charging stations along the highways. Besides, it has offered incentives to buyers who will purchase EVs. Electric Vehicles are gaining a trend in Nepal.

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What do you think of EVs in Nepal? Should they come cheaper with tax concessions for their higher circulation? Leave your opinions in the comments below.

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