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Pay Lalitpur Metropolitan Taxes From Khalti, Find Steps

Now it’s possible to pay for Lalitpur Metropolitan taxes from Khalti. The local government and the prominent digital wallet have struck a partnership to allow the residents in the city for digital tax payments.

The collaboration allows people to pay various taxes to the metropolitan government through the Khalti digital wallet app. The users can pay for house rent tax, property tax, and trade tax on Khalti.

Khalti has collaborated with various organizations and regional bodies to make tax payments feasible for the locals. Recently, Khalti and Kathmandu Metropolitan signed an agreement to allow for digital tax payment as well.

With the cooperation between Khalti and Lalitpur Metropolitan City, people will be able to pay their taxes without having to visit their respective ward offices.

Speaking about the digitalization of the tax payment service inside Lalitpur, Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said, “The ability to perform digital payments is more important than ever, as it benefits both businesses and consumers in many ways. In this process, we have started partnerships with various local governments and authorities. The partnership with Lalitpur Metropolitan City will enable thousands of households to enjoy transparent and effective tax payment service.”

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Steps to Pay Lalitpur Metropolitan Taxes From Khalti

Follow the steps below to pay taxes at Lalitpur Metropolitan City using the Khalti app:

  • First, launch the Khalti app.
  • Tap on Local Government on the home screen.
  • Select Lalitpur Metropolitan and enter your taxpayer’s ID.
  • Select the type of tax to pay.
  • Authenticate your data and pay the tax.
  • Use the Khalti wallet or linked bank account.
  • Your transaction is recorded in the transaction history for reference.

Download Khalti app: Android | iOS

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