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NRB raises the limit to load funds into digital wallets

NRB has raised the limit for the minimum number of funds loading into a digital wallet account. The regulatory bank increased the limit considering the increase in digital transactions during the Tihar festivities. As per the new ruling, users will be able to load money to their digital wallets up to 20 times a day.

The bank amended its unified directive on the payment system to increase the limit of loading funds into a wallet account. It’s expected that the users will benefit from this generous service during the Tihar.  Before this, users could only load money into their wallets up to 10 times a day. Don’t miss: Digital Transaction Limit of Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, and Wallets in Nepal

Digital transactions keep making new records in Nepal and the volume shot through the roof during the festivities. After Dashain, Tihar festivities are on with the major day the very next day Wednesday, Kartik 29 (November 15). The idea of Digital Dakshina has taken quite a prominence in recent years, particularly since the Covid-19 lockdown.

This move too aligns with the NRB’s consistent appeal to users to execute digital Dakshina during the festivities. The federal bank has regularly promoted the use of electronic payment citing numerous advantages of it.

This provision is effective from Kartik 24 to Mangsir 03.

NRB raises wallet fund limit
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