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Electric microbus starts plying in Kathmandu

Electric micro busses have started serving public transportation in the nation’s capital, Kathmandu. CG Motors, Chaudhary Group’s automobile subsidiary started operating electric vehicles in coordination with various transport entrepreneurs.

The King Long brand EVs were already in operation outside the districts and now they have begun operation in the valley.

The electric microbusses are brought into operation in Kathmandu as part of Bagmati Province and Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s concept of replacing fuel-run vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs).

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Microbuses will be pivotal to replace fuel-powered vehicles in Kathmandu

Compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, EVs cost low in maintenance and are eco-friendly. The federal government has emphatically promoted the EV shift under its sustainable development goals (SDGs). There is also a plan to remove older vehicles dating over 20 years. Transition to electric automobiles is seen as an ideal resolution.

In fact, the cost of fuel takes a large chunk of revenue for every fuel-powered vehicle. It is estimated that millions of rupees will be saved every day on fuel.

The four-wheeler comes in 5300x1700x2250 dimensions. For performance, it produces a maximum torque of 280 Nm and can go 100 km/h. The trendier EV has a 50.232 kWh battery and can provide at least 250 km in range.

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King Long, a renowned EV brand in China is also increasing its foothold in Nepal. To build its EV ecosystem, it has established 30 charging stations. The company plans to add 50+ charging stations nationwide. As per the plan, King Long will build one charger every 5 km in the ring road area. NTA’s 51 EV charging stations across Nepal will also help promote the switch to EVs.  

King Long was established in 1988 and is the largest bus maker in China. The company says that it has manufactured over 4 lakh EVs and has expanded its presence in 130 countries.  

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